Top 10 Real Life Secret Societies

Top 10 Real Life Secret Societies

Top 10 Real Life Secret Societies

Ancient societies were the incubators of democracy, science, and ecumenical religion. These societies elected their leaders and drafted their constitutions, but also benefited from anonymity and secret communications. Many modern-day leaders were members. George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Voltaire were all active members. What makes these secret societies so fascinating? Let's explore their history and see what they had in common. And who are their members?


The Masons have been linked to many things in recent years, including 9/11, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. But their secretive rituals and membership are now public knowledge. They have worked hard to shake off their reputation as secret societies and have opened their doors to the public. But some have been skeptical. The Freemasons have a long and storied history.

The Freemasons are the oldest fraternity in history, with over six million members worldwide. In addition to Richard Pryor, John Wayne, and George IV are all Freemasons. Some have even walked the walk of fame: John Wayne and Richard Pryor are notable Freemasons. In addition, several American Presidents have been Masons. George Washington was a master Mason, and Benjamin Franklin was promoted to grand master. The sectility of Freemasonry led to the founding of America's first third party.

Other secret societies are the Rosicrucians, which are thought to be the origin of the Freemasons. In the Middle Ages, these groups were active in the Holy Land, helping to protect Christian pilgrims and defend the Holy Land against Muslim armies. Despite the myths surrounding them, many secret societies today promote religious values. Opus Dei, for example, has a stated mission of making Christ known to the world, while the Ancient Order of Hibernians works to preserve their faith.

The Freemasons are one of the most famous secret societies in the world. In recent decades, two writers of a popular publication sent fake letters to readers, instigating a public fervor over the Illuminati. Today, Freemasons have over two million members and a list of influential figures that they have helped over the centuries. It is believed that the Illuminati is still active.

The Order of the Bull's Blood

This order at Rutgers University is known for pulling pranks and stealing cannons. They claim responsibility for a series of vandalisms at Princeton University in 2006 and claim to have stolen the cannons from the university in 1875. Members of the Order have also claimed responsibility for the graffiti on Princeton buildings that was a result of the cannon theft.

This society is headquartered in a castle on campus and operates around the principles of Arthurian legend. The name "Bull's Blood" does not refer to Indians, but rather to the group's origins. Founded in 1797, the society has been around for over two centuries. Interestingly, its members were not even born Indian. The first members of the Order were not masked or secretive; they simply called themselves such.

The Order of the Bull's Blood has had several incarnations. Its members include current NBA Commissioner David Stern, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, former Vice President Garret A. Hobart, and former Director of the FBI Louis Freeh. It is considered to be one of the most famous secret societies in history, and it is a fascinating organization to learn more about.

While there are many fictional and real life secret societies, the Order of the Skull and Bones is arguably one of the most famous. Founded in 1832, this group has members that include generations of U.S. senators, federal government officials, business leaders, and Supreme Court justices. Although membership in this society is strictly limited to white men, it is thought that women and minorities were once allowed.

Skull and Bones

In addition to its infamous history, Skull and Bones is also a popular book topic for adults, especially those who are curious about the mysterious nature of high society. Members of this society include former presidents, Time magazine founder Henry Luce, and even some members of the CIA. The group's symbol is a skull with two crossbones, and its secret meetings are not publicly disclosed. In 1985, an anonymous source leaked membership lists to author Antony C. Sutton, who then compiled this information into the book "America's Secret Establishment."

The Skull and Bones is a Yale University society that has been molding the minds of undergrads since 1832. Members must meet certain criteria to become a Bonesman, including possessing qualities of a campus leader. It's unknown what the society's practices are, but conspiracy theorists believe it's an incubator for the CIA and political elite.

One of the first secret societies was the Rosicrucians, which is thought to have inspired the Freemasons and bastard children. These groups are thought to have influenced major political and industrial revolutions. Because of their guiding role, many people believe that all modern secret societies have their origins in the Rosicrucians. Another society with a history of being secret is Skull and Bones, which is believed to have started in 1832 at Yale University. There are even former presidents and respected academics within this group.

Many alumni of these societies have gone on to hold high positions in society. They also provide a network of peers to network with. Professor Richard Spence, of the University of Idaho, has written a book on the subject and teaches a history class focusing on secret societies' role in history. Another Yale graduate and Skull and Bones alum David Alan Richards explains that these societies are not harmful to society.

Order of the Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple was a group of people in France and neighboring countries that traced their authority to the grand masters of the Order of the Templar, a medieval knights' order. In the early fourteenth century, the Templars were suppressed. Bernard-Raymond Fabre-Palaprat claimed to be the descendant of the secret line of Templar grand masters. Eventually, he founded the Renewed Order of the Temple.

In 1996, an event at the Order of the Solar Temple resulted in 52 deaths. Many were shot or drugged. Others committed suicide, including the co-leaders, Di Mambro and Jouret. The group disbanded by 1997, though its surviving members have blended back into the population. This was followed by an outbreak of new cases of suicide and a decline in the Order's membership.

The order was founded in 1978, with the first members being French. It allegedly included influential figures and had millions of dollars in its accounts. According to a Channel Four TV documentary, the group also included Princess Grace of Monaco. Jouret and Di Mambro were reportedly manipulated by higher-ups in the organization. Today, the Order is ranked among the Top 10 Real Life Secret Societies.

The members of the Order of the Solar Temple have appeared in the media as skeletons, devils, and robes. They recite the death mantra. "The devil, the hangman, and death are all equated to death." The ritual required initiates to die in the barbarian world and reborn in 'The Order'. This ritual has a profound effect on their members.

Georgetown Second Stewards Society

Known as the "Skull and Bones" club, the Yale University Stewards Society has many alumni, including presidents George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. Members can also be found at home playing Risk, making copies or planning panty rogue raids. Regardless of the reason, it's important to have fun and do obscure and mysterious things.

The campus at Georgetown is steeped in rivalry and envy from the neighborhood, but its students would love to join a secret society. If Georgetown can inspire mayhem from its neighboring schools, the neighbors would love it. Thankfully, Ramble On is available to Georgetown students every other Friday in The Hoya, highlighting some of the society's recent developments. And because Georgetown has such a large student body, there are many secret societies to join.

The Georgetown Second Stewards Society is the unofficial successor of the Georgetown Stewards Society. In the early 1800s, students organized the Society, which was a part of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After the stewards were exposed in an official student newspaper, they went through a period of internal turmoil, eventually splitting into two groups. The original Society of Stewards went out of existence in the mid-1990s, but the Second Society of Stewards still exists and continues their service.

Another top secret society is the Order of the Arrow. Founded in 1908 at Georgia Tech, the Order of the Arrow honors outstanding students and completes Random Acts of Kindness around campus. The mission of this society is to foster a community of kindness amongst students. Most secret societies also contribute to the university financially and through awards, recognizing excellence on campus. While the Anak Society might seem ineffective, the members have demonstrated a unique sense of community spirit on campus.

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